Christopher Scott LMFT

[CA Lic #LMFT 86403]

What Makes Me Different

I have been there, I personally know what it is like to be in the shoes of anger, hurt, and hopelessness. As a young adult I struggled with anxiety, depression, and family conflict and disappointment. As an adult I experienced failed relationships, and finding ways to numb the hurt and disappointment. As a result I felt trapped, suffocated, and lost. So, I left a hundred thousand dollar a year job and relocated from the Bay Area, a place I was born and raised for thirty years, and moved to Redding to pursue my passion. And, I have not regretted that decision, for now I find victory and restoration in my story.

In working to heal and restore my heart have have personally experienced the power of therapy. I believe having someone to help find the missing pieces, bring clarity, and have the conversations I did not want to have was one of the most transformative things I have experienced. As a result, I continue to be able to make choice to live a life which is rich and rewarding. I have been married to my wife for the last six years and we are raising three beautiful children and three dogs. Because of my family, I am passionate about staying up to date on relationship and marriage through workshops like “Hold Me Tight” by Sue Johnson (which I also offer as a group class), as well as how to help children grow and thrive ( I am a independent facilitator of Parenting the Love and Logic Way). So I can understand the struggle to balance work, family, and personal balance.

If you choose to work with me, you will find a compassionate and caring person who knows just how deeply some of our past injuries and choices can influence the current situation. I have spent the majority of my career as a therapist learning how to guide and direct my clients to fuller relationship, deeper insight into interpersonal stressors, and gaining the ability to wrestle with vulnerability so they do not have to suffer with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and addiction.
Please call me for a free 15 minute consultation. We’ll determine together if I am the therapist for you. If not, I will help you to find someone with the skill set to help you with what you need.

Education and Interests

My journey to become a Marriage and Family Therapist has been interesting and rewarding. Growing up in the Bay Area, I typically found myself in positions of mentorship, whether as a ice hockey coach for youth or in numerous positions of leadership growing and developing individuals to be stronger versions of themselves. I found this desire to teach and support others to be the calling in which I have found great fulfillment and joy.

In 2006, I moved from the Bay Area to Redding to pursue my education. After receiving my Bachelors in Liberal Studies in 2008, I decided to pursue my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2009. The decision to become a Marriage and Family Therapist has been one of the most transformative adventures in my life.

During my time in my Masters’ program, I was trained as a systems therapist from an attachment perspective. What this means is, I view distress in people’s life from a holistic and relational point of view. Therefore, part of our working together will be to explore how relational influences of the past and present are influencing the distress in your current narrative. I fully believe how we present in our adult relationships is due to what we may have experienced, or how we interpreted messages from close attachment relationships growing up.

Additionally, my passion to work with couples was influenced by being invited to co-lecture on topics such as “Working with Couples in Conflict” and “Overcoming Trust and Attachment Issues following Couples’ Infidelity.” I was also fortunate to co-develop and lead a small group of men though sexual acting out behavior in which men learned the importance of vulnerability, trust, and fuller relationship. All of these experiences have helped me gain a particular passion for working with individuals and couples from a systemic relational perspective.


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