The Unintended Consequence of School: Influencing Our Perspective

The Unintended Consequence of School: Influencing Our Perspective Therapy can be hard, uncomfortable and overwhelming, In the first few sessions, discussion tends to focus on what clients are feeling, not feeling, and what is not working for them. However, when I ask “What is working?” I often get a puzzled look with the answer “I don't know.” Brent Brown, in...[ read more ]

Why Changing Relationship Dynamics Can Be Hard

Why Changing Relationship Can Be Hard We typically make choices to stay with what is comfortable and familiar. It is a constant battle for safety and comfort. Furthermore, if  your relationship is caught in a perpetual cycle of anger, frustration, and conflict change can be even more difficult. In a short video, George Doumanian discusses the four stages of change...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Tame Stress and Get Back to Living

Is Stress Running Your Life and Relationships? Stress, this small word is having more of an impact on your life than you think. Stress reduces our ability to respond to life events in constructive ways. It also increases blood pressure, anxiety, and fear. Additionally, stress increases confusion, decreases motivation, and exacerbates emotions such as anxiety and depression. Stress might have...[ read more ]

“I Believe” 7 Letters to Enact Change

  Change is not easy. Change is scary. Change is not a guarantee that things will be better. We often seek change in times of crisis or necessity and this is not always the best motivation. When we are pressed into change through crisis we tend to look for the fastest solution to the problem, which often times does not...[ read more ]

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