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    Get Out Of Your Head And Into Life!
    Therapy For Anxiety in Redding CA

    Anxiety and Racing Thoughts

    It is that tension, pressure in the chest, racing thoughts and checking in to see if everything is ok.

    It feels like something is going to happen at any moment. Something bad. You don’t know what it  is but you scan for it. You are on the lookout for it. It’s like you are stuck in a suspenseful movie, always looking for danger.

    No matter what you do, ignore, distract, tell yourself it will be ok. Nothing seems to help.

    What can I do, as I get older the anxiety and racing thoughts get worse.

    Worry about kids, job, economy, relationship, housing, community, global warming, social events…. This list is overwhelming just looking at it.

    So what do you do? Clean, organize, Isolate, binge watch tv, pray, meditate



    You feel like this. Every. Single. Day.

    Here is the problem. Anxiety and Worry have helped us in the past.

    We have the amazing ability to think ahead to future events and using this ability we can anticipate obstacles or problems, giving us the opportunity to plan and find solutions.

    When it helps us to achieve our goals, “thinking ahead” can be useful.

    For example, creating a work schedule that allows us to save for our future “dream vacation” is helpful and leads to joy and hope.

    However, worrying is a way of “thinking ahead” that often leaves us feeling anxious or apprehensive thinking about all the things that can go wrong.

    When we worry excessively, we often think about worst-case scenarios and feel that we won’t be able to cope.

    This leads to excessive and racing thoughts, increased physical tension, and in worst-case scenarios isolation or panic.

    Worry isn’t just in our heads. When it becomes excessive, we feel it as anxiety in our bodies too.

    What Can We Do About It?

    What Can We Do About It?

    This is where we can help.

    Therapy helps get to the root cause of your anxiety by figuring out your triggers, patterns of thought, feeling, and acting.

    We then guide and develop tools that will help you increase self confidence and reduce the fear of not being able to manage the fear or worry

    We will educate you on helpful and unhelpful actions in managing anxiety and why some things we do actually make anxiety WORSE!

    Whether it’s the stress of your job, worry about a relationship, or any of the numerous causes, we help get to what’s underneath the anxiety.

    By getting to the bottom of it, we can help you let go of unhelpful parts of anxiety and keep the parts that serve you.

    Take Back Control

    When you say you are finished with therapy.

    You can become the captain of your ship again.

    Once the underlying stress is let go of, our bodies can return back to a state of calm. A wave of lightness comes over as we realize we’ve returned back to a state of peace.

    Now you can enjoy each day without the worry of stress or fear returning. You can  wake up optimistic and excited looking forward to each day. And even on the days that we dont wake up positive you will be able to identify why and what to do about it.

    Overcoming anxiety and worry can be hard. But it is ultimately rewarding and the peace of living in the moment is worth it.

    To get started, click the button below or give us a call at 530-691-4577, and let’s get started on your journey!