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    Therapy for Individuals in Redding CA

    I Feel Lost

    You can’t remember the last time you felt good about the direction you are headed. You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and don’t think you can take much more. You have been able to manage in the past but now, you just don’t know.

    You are not sleeping at night, your stomach is in knots, you have heard about gut health and you are pretty sure yours is a mess. You have become so irritable any little thing can set you off.

    Or maybe you are losing hope. What once felt like being keyed up all day is not turning into hopelessness. Like you cant keep up so why try?

    But one thing is for sure, you feel trapped and have no idea what to do. No matter what you do nothing seems to give you the relief you are looking for.

    Figuring Things Out By Yourself is Tough

    Maybe you heard things like:

    • “Do your own work.”
    • “Be Self Sufficient.”
    • “Don’t cry that doesn’t help.”

    One thing is for sure, trying to navigate the path of mental health distress is hard. Maybe you feel alone in this, rest assured, you are not the only person struggling with these problems.

    In our practice we see many people suffering from the following:

    • Anxiety and Overwhelm
    • Low Self esteem and Shame
    • Stress and Burnout
    • Exploring their path
    • Depression and Hopelessness
    • Traumatic pasts

    The fact is many people struggle with these issues on a daily basis, but there are times when we try to solve the problem on our own and it leads to more stress.

    Individual Therapy Can Help

    Therapy is a way to slow down and get a birds eye view of the situation. Like a drone ascending into the sky we can get the full picture of what is happening then zero in on the problems.

    From this point we guide you to finding your own way through the problems you are facing, developing a deeper understanding of what’s keeping you stuck and developing a map to guide you on your journey.

    Picture becoming a partner with your emotion vs feeling scared by them. Developing a deep compassion, understanding, and loving yourself. Understand how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are working for you or against you. Heal from old trauma and become the person you have sought to be.


    Let's work together

    The Goal

    The goal is simple but the work is hard. The goal is to get you back to yourself. In touch with your emotional, physical, and thinking self.

    Through therapy, you can leverage our years of personal and clinical experience, helping people find their inner self to have peace of mind and increased confidence that you have developed the skills to overcome problems or find the resources to help you overcome problems.

    The Result?

    In individual therapy you get one on one attention to learn skills like mindfulness, meditation, compassion, resilience, grit, courage, decision making, confidence building, all geared toward helping you be the person you have wanted to be.

    I know things can feel overwhelming. You might have even tried therapy before and it didn’t help. But you are here. Seeking. And that is the 1st step.

    To get started, click the button below or give us a call at 530-691-4577, and let’s get started on your journey!