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    Measurement Based Care
    A New Way To Manage Your Mental Health In Redding, CA

    You have started going to therapy and things are going well.

    You are making progress and leave each session with new insight and you feel you are getting the bottom of things.

    But after a few days the insight and progress feels harder to hold onto and everything you are working towards starts to fade by midweek only to be picked up again in your next appointment.

    When you get to your next appointment it is hard to know where to start because the week has passed in a blur.

    When your therapist asks you how the week has been you default to “fine” when really too much has happened to know where to begin.

    By the time you sort through what may or not be important your time is almost up and suddenly you remember what it is you wanted to discuss.


    But Often Times Therapy Stalls

    But after a few sessions you seem to not see the progress you saw when you first started. Things seem to get more complicated.

    Or the HW seems to slip out of your mind and before you know it another week has gone by and you haven’t made the changes you were hoping for.

    Lately sessions seem to meander or go in circles and although you are improving you feel frustrated by the slow progress.

    The good news is that it doesn’t have to feel that way and at Guidepost we want to make prioritizing your mental health as easy as possible.

    In Steps Measurement Based Care

    That’s why we have incorporated Blueprint Mobile app into our therapy treatment, to help give you more direction and insight so that you can reach your goals faster.

    Blueprint is a mobile app assessment tool that allows you and your therapist to spend less time reviewing your week and more time on what is important in session.

    The mobile app sends regularly scheduled assessments to track changes in symptoms and lifestyle to give you and your therapist a more holistic picture of your week and your progress over time.

    The app also allows your therapist to send you worksheets, check-ins, and screenings during the week so that your goals don’t get lost in the shuffle of a busy week.


    You Get to Be In Charge

    Now when you arrive to session your therapist will have a better picture of what your week was like and you will know where to begin so that you can get right to work, so that you can feel better faster.

    Stay connected with your therapist

    Let your therapist know what’s going on. Even if they can’t be with you, you can share information through daily check-ins and assigned activities that can be completed anywhere.

    Self-monitor and take action

    Track and visualize your symptoms and experiences over time and in real time to better understand the how your activities such as sleep, nutrition, thinking, and feelings impact behaviors and mental health.

    With Measurement Based care you become an expert on you. Studies show people who use measurement based care feel better faster due to real time feedback, assessments customized to your needs, and a treatment plan focused on the stressors you are facing.

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