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    Katelyn Bailey AMFT

    Reaching out is difficult

    When you are used to holding others up, caretaking and providing whether in relationship or at work.

    Right now you probably feel overwhelmed, defeated, ashamed and in pain. I’ve been there myself.

    Which is why I have dedicated my practice to women like them and to women like you, so that you might have a sanctuary to retreat to when you feel lost and alone.

    Asking for help takes courage and strength and the women I work with have enormous reserves of both.

    My aim as your therapist is to create a safe space for you to express yourself, without fear of judgement or rejection, and to help you find your way back to the most authentic and fulfilled version of yourself.

    The first step towards this version of you is reaching out for support.

    Once you have decided to reach out we will have a consultation, either by phone or in person, to see if we are a good fit for each other.

    Choosing who you bring into your life is an important decision and making sure they align with your values and feel emotionally safe is essential to creating a life that feels good.

    From there we will begin working through areas of shame, anxiety and emotional pain so that we can better understand what is causing you to feel drained or stuck.

    Once these blocks have been located we will start to clarify how you want to feel in your life, your relationships, your career, by defining your core values.

    Finally we will locate any limiting beliefs and fears you have built around who you really are and what you really want in life.

    As we work together on removing these blocks you will start to notice your self-esteem improving, an increased sense of self-worth, your values will become clearer, and you will start to choose and create better relationships.

    This process takes time and requires your dedication, courage and strength. But you already possess those qualities, so why not invest them in yourself now?

    How I Work

    My process while guiding you is person-centered and trauma-informed, which means that you are the central focus of our time together and the ultimate authority.

    It also means that I am mindful of the effects of Trauma on the mind and body and am trained to assist you in navigating the specific obstacles your past Trauma may present in creating a life you love.

    I work from a psychodynamic and emotionally focused perspective, which means my focus is on your emotional experience and the meaning you make out of those experiences.

    I also use elements of CBT, Internal Family Systems, Expressive Therapy, somatic work and mindfulness to help you create new meaning and learn how to tune into your own internal voice.

    Reach Out Today

    If you are done feeling lost, tired and overwhelmed by your life and feel like you are ready to let go of what isn’t working, I am here to offer you support and guidance on the journey.

    Why I do What I do

    Before I became a therapist and started creating the life I love now, I was like most of my client’s, overwhelmed, burnt out, feeling stuck and alone. I was taking care of everyone else and my choices reflected their needs and not my own.

    My life job felt unfulfilling, my relationships drained me and I fantasized about walking away from everything to start over alone. Instead I reached out for help and started being honest about how I was feeling and what wasn’t working for me.

    My life transformed and so did I.  The feelings of overwhelm, sadness and fear disappeared as I learned to trust myself and to trust other people.

    It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t overnight. In fact the journey is still ongoing.  But the life I am creating and the lives the women I work with are creating, are happier, lighter, purposeful and meaningful.

    My Qualifications

    I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and my Bachelors degree in French and Anthropology. I have also had additional training in:

    Trauma and The Body (Bessel Vander Kolk)

    Trauma Informed Experiential Art Therapy Level 1 (Cathy Malchiodi, PhD)

    Suicide and Self-Harm

    Mindfulness as Practice (John Kabat Zinn)

    Internal Family Systems Master Class (Dick Schwartz)

    Who I am Outside of the Office

    When I am not practicing therapy:

    I am hiking with my dog

    Swimming with my daughter

    Making art or taking photos

    Doing yoga

    Working on my house

    Learning a new language

    I’m Here Ready When You Are

    Right now the life you want might seem far off to you, and you may be struggling to believe that it even exists or that you even deserve it. But experience has taught me that once you begin to follow your own internal guidance the rest falls into place with much less effort than it did before.

    You have already started the search, it is what got you to this point, here, now, so have hope!

    If what you read so far has resonated with you please reach out to talk about the next steps from here. If we are not a match I am more than happy to help you find someone who is. The important things is that you keep going!

    To get started, click the button below or give us a call at 530-691-4577, and let’s get started on your journey!