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    Therapy for Stress and Burnout in Redding CA

    I Have Lost All Motivation

    Overwhelm. Pressure, Tension. Constant Fear of Failure. Loss of Motivation and Energy.

    The constant feeling of being under the pressure of a deadline, project, paper, expectation.

    It feels like you are going to POP!!!!

    There is constant tension in your body, mind, spirit…you don’t why but you are forgetting things, don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. You HATE GOING TO WORK. You feel detached from the world and nothing seems to satisfy you.

    This feeling of dread won’t leave you alone, you feel it constantly.

    No matter what you do it is there. You try to ignore it and hope it goes away. You try to talk to your friends, it doesn’t help. You just feel hopeless that something will change, you just can’t shake the feeling, low energy, sleepiness, negativity.

    It feels like it just looms over you from morning and night and now it feels like it’s come to a breaking point.

    You might be thinking

    “I feel tired all the time.”

    “I can’t hang in there to keep up with my old pace.”

    “I feel lazy.”

    “I don’t have the energy to do that.”

    “I HATE MY JOB but I can’t quit I need the money.”

    There Has To Be A Better Way

    You know there is something wrong. You have tried to sleep it off, video game it off, but life keeps going. Maybe if you just work harder you will make it go away.

    One of my favorite quotes I have heard is from Jim Faye of Love and Logic. He aptly points out “We are Americans, we find out what doesnt work and intensify it!”

    You know there is something wrong. You feel a physical and mental exhaustion. Feel shame and doubt, moving into a place of negativity, and finally failure and helplessness. This is the pattern of stress and burnout.

    There is Hope

    Burnout comes from living in a world with constant tension and stress. The inability to relax, slow your mind down, and breathe.

    If we don’t know how to do this the body slows us down. Muscle aches, headaches, illness, forgetfulness, feeling tired. These are some of the ways our body says “hey, you need a break.”

    How Therapy Can Help

    Therapy helps get to the roots of the problem by figuring out why you’re constantly in a state of stress, pressure, and tension.

    Whether it’s the stress of your job, worry about a relationship, or any of the numerous causes, we help get to the real problem so we can have lasting results.

    By getting to the bottom of it, we can help let go of the unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and replace them with helpful tools and self care practices opening space for you to feel like you are back in control of your life.

    To get started, click the button below or give us a call at 530-691-4577, and let’s get started on your journey!