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    Helping Women Find Purpose and Passion
    Womens Therapy In Redding CA

    You look at your life and you wonder how you got here.

    On the surface things might look fine, but underneath you are exhausted, overwhelmed and unhappy.

    You sometimes wake up with a panicky feeling, dreading the day. Somehow you will yourself to go through the motions, but there has to be more to life than this.

    Everything feels hard and you are so lonely.

    What happened to the joy and the excitement? Or maybe you have been waiting on joy to arrive and it just never has.

    Your life is feeling stuck and you are worrying about making even small decisions.

    When you do finally make a decision you worry about other people judging you for the decisions you make.

    You have become anxious and overwhelmed thinking about the future, and this makes you feel more pressured to figure it out.

    These feelings make you feel like a failure so you hide them and you try to figure them out on your own.

    But you don’t have to.

    We are not designed to navigate these challenges alone.

    We are not designed to navigate these challenges alone.

    Trying to handle it all by ourselves can actually make these feelings bigger, but so many women feel the pressure to “have it all together” and are embarrassed to ask for support or admit that they are struggling.

    Being a mother was supposed to make me happy.

    Being a wife was supposed to make me happy.

    Getting the job was supposed to make me happy.

    But it hasn’t and now you don’t have time to figure out what will make you happy and you feel responsible to make other people happy.

    You prioritize your romantic partner, children, friends, employers, etc. and neglect youself.

    On the path to making everyone else happy, you have lost sight of your own happiness and now you feel lost and alone.

    Therapy can help

    Therapy offers you a sanctuary from the world with the therapist as your gatekeeper.

    This is a place for you to figure out where you lost yourself and how to find your road back home.

    It is where we slow things down,

    Explore you and what you think,

    Explore what you do,

    And offers space to really get to the root of what is going on and what you want to do about it.

    The goal as your therapist and guide is simple

    But the work is challenging.

    I want to help you tune into your own internal voice.

    I want to help you find the life you love with the people you love.

    I want to help you find your purpose and to feel a sense of joy again.

    Right now these goals might seem far off to you, but experience has taught me that once you begin to follow your own internal guidance, things begin to fall into place with much less effort and much more clarity than it did before.

    So have hope!

    I want to help you learn to tune into that voice again so that you can start to create a life, relationships and/or a career that fulfills you rather than drains you.

    If you are tired of feeling lost, tired and overwhelmed by your life and feel like you are ready to let go of what isn’t working, I am here to offer you support and guidance on the journey.

    To get started, click the button below or give us a call at 530-691-4577, and let’s get started on your journey!