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    Feeling Trapped

    Worrying is causing you to miss out on life

    Fear of making the wrong choice keeping you paralyze

    Fear of judgement or making a mistake

    It’s that constant worry and overwhelm. You find yourself thinking all the time. It’s like your brain is always on and no matter what you do you can’t shut it off.

    No matter where you are, it’s always there. You have been told to just stay busy. So you work, hang with your family, trying to meditate or do self care. But you just can’t shake the feeling.

    You have a hard time concentrating, sleeping, or having fun. You are worried that if you can’t shake this feeling you will be stuck here for the rest of your life and you are losing hope.

    The truth is, these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, they are not permanent. Change is possible, you just need the right guide to help you get unstuck.

    Therapy Can Help

    Anxiety, Stress, Burnout, Depression, Trauma these buzzwords are all over the place. You may even know a lot about these topics. But the more you know the more things seem to stay the same. You just can’t shake the feeling. Turn off the thoughts. You can’t pinpoint which one is causing the problem.

    Well the truth is it is typically a combination of all of them. So it feels like a never ending battle.

    That’s where therapy comes in. We will slow down the process, slow down the racing thoughts, explore your inner world, identify the outdated stories we tell ourselves, explore and stop unhelpful behaviors, and help us get back in control of ourselves.

    Therapy helps get us back in touch with the things that help make life more enjoyable, gives us the tools to identify what we need, and accept things we cannot change and work through solutions around things we can change.

    Let's work together

    We know how things can spiral out of control. But we can also help you get back on track.

    We have been in your shoes before and we utilize this understanding to connect with you in your distress.

    We have helped countless people work through Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Worry, or Burnout.We can do the same for you.

    We will help bring a sense of calm and comfort.

    We help you to develop and utilize tools to help create long lasting change.

    If you are ready to make that happen, if you are ready to stop the merry-go-round of stress, and move toward your authentic self, give us a call, book your free 15 minute consultation, and get started on the path to healing.

    Don't Wait to Get the Help You Need

    Meet Our Team

    Christopher Scott, LMFT

    Christopher Scott, LMFT

    I have been there, I personally know what it is like to be in the shoes of anger, hurt, and hopelessness. As a young adult I struggled with anxiety, depression, and family conflict and disappointment. As an adult I experienced failed relationships, and finding ways to numb the hurt and disappointment.
    Katelyn Bailey AMFT

    Katelyn Bailey AMFT

    I have extensive experience working with kids, teens and families from my time at Victor Community Support Services and have helped them manage stressors such as anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment issues, behavioral issues, trauma related disorders and family distress.
    Scott Mersino APCC

    Scott Mersino APCC

    Everyday life is challenging enough on its own. When mental health struggles such as stress, fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration get thrown into the mix, life can become a mess that leaves even the best of us feeling stuck and hopeless.

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